New Year’s Resolutions

Dec 27, 2015 Eric Toussaint 6 Comments

Only 8% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions. How can we change this?! This advice of course will be dealing with health and wellness.

First and foremost come up with your plan, what do you want to achieve and how will achieve it. Don’t make your fitness goals unrealistic, don’t keep you real self and your ideal self to far from each other.

If you want to exercise more:

  1. Join a gym
  2. Get a personal trainer
  3. Invest in some exercise DVDs
  4. Join a running club
  5. Join a martial arts studio
  6. Start taking spinning classes
  7. Try Zoomba

If you want to lose weight:

  1. Pick a diet that works for you – Paleo, South Beach, Bullet Proof diet etc. All diets work if you stick to them
  2. Get an app on your phone to help track your meals and calories
  3. Make an appointment with a nutritionist
  4. Stop drinking alcohol or greatly reduce your drinks per week
  5. Cut out the sugar…you’re sweet enough

I would also use your phone or calendar to schedule all of your exercise and nutrition goals, make it a part of your life. The built in reminders on your calendar will help greatly in keeping you honest.

If this isn’t enough check our website or contact me directly and I’ll try and help.

Make your New Year’s resolutions a reality with proper planning and execution.

Happy New Year!!

How Not to Gain Weight During Thanksgiving

Nov 19, 2015 Robin Cermak 6 Comments

We all know that overindulging and Thanksgiving walk hand in hand. Here are some tips to help you stave off the holiday weight gain.

  1. Sign yourself up for a Turkey Trott race, nothing like a good run thanksgiving morning.
  2. Take a nice brisk walk after your Thanksgiving meal.
  3. Eat and chew slowly, it can take your body up to twenty minutes to feel full.
  4. Full your plate only one time.
  5. Have only one dessert.
  6. Have only one alcoholic beverage.
  7. Workout three days before and three days after Thanksgiving day.

I hope these tips help and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!