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How much do you stretch? Part I Lower Body

By far I would have to say that stretching is the most overlooked part of most exercise enthusiasts programs. There just never seems to be enough time. Personally I have to stretch to keep up with my martial arts training, but am just a challenged...

Do You Need to Train to Destruction?

Just how hard do we really need to train? Is more always better? How much is enough? These are tough questions to answer. Especially considering that we all come in various shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels. First and foremost anyone starting an exercise program...

How Much Should You Exercise?

This is a question that has been much debated over the years and does not come with an easy answer. I can tell you what has worked with my clients over my twenty years of training. I cater to the general population, which let’s face...


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I lost 23 lbs. in 21 days

Jim Dunn

I lost 58 lbs. in 4 months and am in the best shape of my life

Ellie Darj


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